Gals Gals Gals Review on MISHKADJ.RU

April 25, 2018

The feeling I had when I received this review was so special, not only was it a really good review but it was extra special to me because it was my first in RUSSIA! And even more that it was written in Russian too. 


Knowing that my music is reaching different parts of the world that I have not even set foot in gives me a weird tingly feeling in my stomach, kind of like your first kiss, or the first tequila on a night out. 


So I had to use google translate to translate the review, I have pasted below so you can read it too. 


The internet is beautiful opportunity and there is no excuse for artists to not get their music out there today, seize the day and make sure the world hears it. 


Thanks so much to Mishka at MISHKADJ.RU


Original Article :




"Britain does not stop proving the title of the legislator of club fashion and the producers of the United Kingdom are zealously supporting this reputation. For example, the young musician Adam Morris, releasing his music as Conspiracy Industries, drawing inspiration from bass music and genres such as Dubstep, Trap or Bass House creates a completely unique sound that pleasantly surprises with the abundance of melodies and the density of the sound.


The track "Gals Gals Gals" was released on his second mini-album "Kuebiko" and perfectly demonstrates his style, which is somewhat similar to the popular Future house, but at the same time, despite the hooligan, street energy, because of the complex structure and the dynamics is more likely to appeal to intelligent dance music. Break the template and guaranteed dancing until I drop."



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