Make friends, not connections.

March 12, 2018

You know, we are always told in this industry to network, network and network. Quite frankly I hate some networking connections, it is normally this huge "who can do what for who" exchange and there is nothing genuine about it. It's a big power play struggle and usually always won by the guy with the biggest ego not the most talented or the nicest guy. I hate it, and I try to always avoid situations like this where possible.


On the flip side, the best thing that I have ever achieved with my music is meeting people from all walks of life and getting to know them on a personal level, this warms my heart and if I am honest one of the biggest reasons I travel with my music so much.


An example of this is below, my good friend Adrien who is an awesome musician was kind enough to write about my recent EP "Kuebiko" me on his awesome blog which you can follow here


Thanks for being awesome Adrian and thanks for your kind words. 


"Happy Monday Tumblr! Just wanted to take some time to share my English buddy, Adam’s, new EP titled “Kuebiko.” He goes by the name of Conspiracy Industries and he’s a dope ass musician. If you’re into dance music please give this a listen, I know you’re gonna vibe to it."


If you ever just make 1 friend or touch 1 person with your music then in my eyes you have made it as a musician, anything else is a bonus. Stay grounded and surround yourself with good people.


Make friends. Not connections. 


Thanks guys. 




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