Sometimes You Just Have To Ask.

December 19, 2017

You know, sometimes you hear a track by someone and you are like DAMN THAT SOUNDS FUCKING RAD! And then you think to yourself....if only I knew how to make that sound!


Well this happened recently with a pair of new producers from Chicago, there names are Aus and Ry and they go by the artist name Croyle. 


The guys reached out to me a little while back asking for some track feedback and very kindly asked what sounds I used for my bass house drop in "Yam Know". You can hear it below.



I am a firm believer that this industry would be so much better if people where just open and helped each other out. So I did not just tell them how I made the sound, I actually sent them the exact sound I used and my exact saved Serum preset from my project file. 


Most people would say, WHOA that is your sound, you worked so hard to make and create it, why on earth would you give it away? 


My response is easy, why the fuck not? 


I mean we are all in this together no? 


My point is not all producers are dicks, and despite sometimes you can feel like there are so many pretentious assholes in the industry (which there are) amongst the thorns there are still plenty of roses, you just have to look for us.


Along side that I not only gave them my preset but I also gave them some production advice that I tend to stick to all the time with my mixes etc, they said that this helped them and I am glad it did. 


If you would like to read our whole conversation in full that went back and forth please continue reading below. But first you should totally check out the track they made, I think it is a real banger and they are going to go far if they keep working as hard as they have. Well done boys. 




The take home point from this post is don't be afraid to ask. It is only a human being on the other side of your email/phone call/carrier pigeon, and they can't all be dicks....right? 






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Full conversation via Soundcloud....




    Great tracks brother! Where in the F do you get that beautiful bass preset for Yam Know? We've been working at getting our Bass House game to the level of production that it needs to be, but all we've found in this field are the Cymatics Jauz and I'm not the biggest fan..

    Regardless, really like the work you're doing. I hope that sometime in the future we'd be able to send you a track or two for some feedback.

    Thanks man, keep rockin'



  • Me

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for reaching out to me guys! Gosh I actually have so many of my own presets and sounds that I have kind of developed over time. Yam Know is actually a super old track so I am not sure exactly,

    Ahh good old Cymatics :) I know the pack you are on about I may have that one I think, that pack like all preset packs I think are a great starting point as some of the presets are pretty slick these days, if I ever use a preset I always tend to fuck with them far to much but I am not opposed to starting with them. My advice is just have fun and don't worry about it all too much. We stress to much about these things sometimes :)

    If you guys want I can send you my serum preset from Yam know, you on about the savage driving one yeah?

    I will sort you a link out for it next and chuck it over on here.

    And yes lads send me anything you want I would be more than happy to help :)

    Have a good Saturday guys!




    Hey Adam!

    So glad to see a response back my man. As we develop, we're just trying to reach out and learn/get some guidance with this crazy production beast.

    That being said, it would be amazing to see that (yes, savage) preset you use. Currently doing our best to reverse engineer some of these to see how they tick so that we may begin creating our own original sounds! I guess while I have you here, I wanted to ask how you began, started out, musically. Your sound has clearly been polished over the years and everything sounds super clean. We're fighting to reach that non-muddy, professional sound that is desired, but can't seem to get things up to par yet.

    But we are determined, as music has been our obsession for most of our lives, and we're doing anything we can to make it happen. We'll keep working hard, but YES, I would love to get some feedback (probably the end of this month) on some of our projects to try and bring them up to the level that they need to be.

    Again man, thanks so much for your response, as mentorship is so greatly appreciated from the both of us.

    Talk soon brother!


  • Me

    Hey again guys :)

    Lol don't worry I know how hard it is, I have been producing electronic music for about 10 years and before that normal instruments for years. It is hard and it is a long road, probably my most important bits of advice for people are the following.....

    1. It takes a long time, don't stress, focus on having fun more than taking it too seriously or you will never be motivated enough to get through the time it takes to become great. It takes years.

    2. VSTs, Presets, Sample Packs do not make you a great producer. I always thought that if I had that "perfect kick drum" or that "perfect bass sound" that "perfect compressor" that I would be able to write albums of tracks and be touring within a month. It does not work like that. Bigger sound banks mean nothing without knowing what to do with them.

    3. Focus on the song as a whole as in structure and development/parts. I can't stress how important this is. If you want a high output, this is the key.

    4. Stop fiddling. When you start fiddling with a track move on to a new one, it is ok to not complete every track, I actually make about 3- 12 ideas per song I actually release. Don't get hung up on a single track or sound. The time you spend "fiddling" or "tweaking" is wasted when you could be learning new ideas.

    As far as mixes go, here is my backbone top simple mix controls I always use that keeps it clean and pro. These are just my opinion but they work for me.

    1. Use only 1 reverb. Lots of reverbs is messy, create a bus and send all your reverbs there. 
    2. Cut 90% of the content of every track below 200hz, the only thing down there should be the kick and subs.
    3. Never "add anything with EQ to make it sound sexy, only take away. If you can't hear something remove other sounds first before trying to boost anything. And when you boost something use multiband dynamics/compressors, not EQ. 
    4. Get your sidechain in check. (I am releasing some tutorials on youtube in the coming weeks so make sure you check them out, I will be announcing on twitter so make sure you follow me on there if you don't @cnsprcy

    Of course, there is lots more, but they are my fundamentals.

    And remember, if it doesn't sound good to start with, no mixing will fix it :)

    If you want to know more about me guys the best bet is if you head over to my blog, there are loads of interveiws and content there which has loads about my production process and stuff like that, just have a look through there.

    You can find it here...

    (If you could subscribe to my mailing list also I would love you guys forever! )

    Also speaking of blog, if it is ok with you guys I am going to do a post about our conversation? I don't think enough artists help each other and I want to do a post on it, this chat is perfect!

    Also my settings in Serum that I used for "YAM KNOW" is below for you guys. Remember you still need to mix it to sound good but this is my go-to basic starting point.*****************

    Have a great day gents!




    Hey there Adam!

    Sorry for going dark these past few weeks. First off, COMPLETELY okay that you include us in a blog > feel free to ask anything you'd like, as we have picked your brain and you are surely okay to do the same in return.

    Second, thank you very much for the preset! It has helped us a ton in engineering/tweaking our own. We are attempting to finish our first track in the next week and would love to send it to you for any advice (flow, feel, consistency, especially mastering, and anything else you'd like to give us tips on). I've been trying to read posts about getting started, networking, meeting other producers, reaching out, etc. We've also subscribed to your mailing list - digging the blog too!

    You'll be first on our list once we have a workable version of the tune > we really want to get this out as our first project for the holidays to show all of our family and friends.

    Thanks again for being so helpful to us during our earliest stages!




    Hey Adam!

    So, we pretty much have the track where we can get it to be. Pretty happy with most of it, but we could really use some advice on how to get a little bit punchier with the kick.. I feel it is a weaker point, especially during the drop, and it could use a bit more pop (those quick bass bursts you'd feel in your car with every beat). I'm not sure if we should layer an 808 over the kick, but I can't find one that sounds right. Would you have some insight towards how to achieve this lower frequency, yet heavy hitting element?

    Regardless, we could use any tips or areas of the song that you'd recommend editing a bit to give a cleaner sound overall.

    Thanks for all of your advice so far!**********

  • Me


    It sounds fucking awesome! Keep it up! Love the breakdown!!!

    Spot on!



    Yo, thanks brother!!!

    Really appreciate the words of encouragement, and now completely addicted to this amazing world of production. We'll make sure to send more as it is created.

    Thanks again for your support my man!!



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