Progression is Progression.

November 21, 2017

It is mad when I think about it sometimes, I have been producing for SO long, it seem's like a eternity, over 10 years now. Fuck, that is crazy. 


Any aspiring or professional producer knows that sometimes being a electronic music producer it is really hard, we suffer from the same song writing stresses and road blocks that "normal" musicians face yet we are expected to know the ins and outs of modern mixing, mastering and sound design. know, because all of them are so easy...erm. 


Without going into that recently I have found really interesting that I wanted to share with you guys. It is the importance of releasing music, weather it is on your Soundcloud, through Spotify, I tunes or just burning a CD and chucking it on your wall (If anyone even burns a cd these days?)


It can be what ever format you wish. If you are proud of it, release it. Don't stress about if it is "as good" as other peoples music or any nonsense like this. You are on your own journey, and it will last a lot longer if you embrace it and have fun with it.


I definitely have a long way to go in my productions and songwriting, I think in 10 years time I will still think this.  But genuinely I can stand here and say that when I take a second and look back at all the music I have released and how it represents the years of writers block, production technique development and the journey I have gone through as a producer, it kinda feels really good. 


My point, when you release music it is like leaving little milestones that remind you where you were and can help guide where your going, 


Even though I could point a thousand "flaws" or suggested "improvements" in every track, I still feel really proud when I step back and see all my released music together, as a collection. 


Progression is progression. Reward yourself and try taking pride in your music sometimes. 


It is ok. Honestly nobody even has to know. 


And feels kind of nice. 


And it might motivate you to carry on through your next period of writers block or a 25 minute youtube tutorial on multiband dynamics.


Now, stop reading my blog and go write some awesome music. 


Thank you.




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