The World Is In Your Hands

October 29, 2017


This is only a short post. But I think an important one. 


Sometimes I think we honestly forget how powerful social media and technology is, usually just in the palm of your hand lie the phone you are reading this on or the laptop your are looking at.


We tweet, we post, we snapchat or whatever else and truth be told it is a uphill battle at the best of times for us. But sometimes your voice does get heard. 


Here is an example.


I have never been to Detroit. I have been in the USA a lot but never close to there. 


Yet a awesome producer/DJ from there was kind enough to take the time out of their own day to add my music in their sets along side other giant artists. 

Hearing the mixes and my music amongst these kind of artists and hearing it fit in so well amazes me. 


Being lucky enough that a complete stranger from the other side of the world made that happen.....


....blows my fucking mind! 


I know some of you may say "DUH" it's been like that for ages. But I honestly think that sometimes we need to keep our feet on the ground and remember that 10 years ago artists and people were not lucky enough to have this. It is easy to get disheartened by not having "millions" of people listening to you. But to me every single person is important to me because I think if you loose sight of that you loose sight of why you work so hard at this production game. 


We live in a age where we feel like nobody is listening but somewhere someone is. I say to all artists and producers keep going. Don't stop, because sometimes people are listening, you may just not know it. 


Here are the awesome mixes that inspired me to write this post. 


Thanks Nektye. 


Thanks Internet. 


Thank you readers. 




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