Your Studio. Everywhere.

March 17, 2017

Recording studios are cool, I completely get that. It's most persons dream when they first download their crack version of FL Studio that they will one day have a big studio. I guess it's true, I have had a few and yes I thought I was god when I sat behind all the buttons and lights making me feel like I had an extra 2 inches on my dick.


Below is one of the old studios that I built from the ground up. I had an industrial unit and built the whole place inside it. It was soundproof, functional and damn sexy as I think you will agree. 



But despite the fact that studios are awesome to "tinker" in, they also have their limitations. Things such as natural daylight, fresh air and mobility which normally in other cases is all sacrificed with dodgy egg boxes and your moms old rug on the wall to make them "Sound Better".


To me it is interesting, because I for one get cabin fever pretty much whilst taking a shit. The world is a big place and I don't plan to be stuck in the same studio my whole life. It is not productive and it sure as hell is not creative being in one place so much. A regular change of scenery can be a real advantage to beat creative blocks and keep your inspirations current and on point. (I confidently say that this goes for all applications in life not just music production) 


I write to this day 90% of my work in headphones on my laptop, I know that is not for everyone but a lot of people will relate to this. This gives us huge potential for creativity. 


My core setup and what I do 90% of my work on is this now. Simple. Portable. Powerful. 



I agree that the use of good studios have their time and place, and I am not taking away the importance of finalising mixes and masters on studio speakers because of course that is a real must for most audio. That said this part is still only the last 20 percent of the track. A shit track is a shit track. Period. No Harmonic EQing will make a poor vocal melody sound good in a poor arrangement.


I am a firm believer and you will hear me preach it all the time that the most important piece of equipment in the studio for a great production is your ears. The most important piece of equipment for your creative music writing is your imagination. Both are free. Use them.


My point is, sometimes taking a break and looking up over your screen at people, nature or normal life is a good thing. It inspires you. It helps you think. It is a hell of a lot better than looking up at the same Blink 182 poster you have had up for 10 years. 


So after reading this take your laptop and get out of your stuffy bedroom studio or garage and go sit in the park or a coffee shop with loads of sexy people walking past. At least for the composition stages. Save your egg box collection and your moms rug for mixing and mastering only. I promise you will create work that you will be proud of. 


Your Studio. Everywhere.



Paris. Writing the "Neophytes" album 2014. 



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