Full Resolution Idiocy.

December 4, 2016

I mean I get it...


We would all love a super giant mega production studio complex that can record a 90 piece orchestra in full 32-bit/192 kHz resolution . I mean who would not want to say "I own a studio bigger than Abby Road"


So you spend your 19638201747 million bucks on your dream studio and every 2nd Friday of the month you stand in one of your 8 acoustically treated live rooms and pull your pants down to tug one out whilst saying to yourself...."I have fucking made it". 



If I am honest I went down this route for years. I worked every waking hour in day jobs and production in order to build my studio step by step and to keep up with the ever growing sample rates, bit depths and fucking computer processing speeds. Fuck. I am sure I used to have the vision of one day spinning around in my £1000 pound ergonomic chair whilst pressing F9 and spacebar repeatedly whilst looking through my 10x10 metre control room window winking at the artist I was currently working with.


Not only that but I am sure in my fantasy I was probably stroking my $27,950 Ashera Cat sat calmly on my lap in silence during my session. Why you ask? Because let me say it again.... "I had fucking made it".


But here is the thing...


Even in some wild fantasy land owning that kind of studio, it is not going to automatically make you a good producer or artist.... ever. 


I cant stress enough that the biggest barrier with the "modern producer" is arrangement and songwriting. Gear and quality of VST has very little in the way of a barrier to great productions. 


Let me emphasise. High resolution does not mean a good song. In fact when I was a complete music fanatic as a teen when I would buy a CD and listen to it doing nothing else at the time that wasn't a shitty CD at 16 bit/44.100 khz. In fact in todays set of standards, over compressed dynamically limp MP3 files can still make me boogie on a Saturday night down Razzmatazz or Apollo when played loud enough, so my question is what is the fuss about? 


If I have learnt anything, gear means nothing. Yes you need the basics, But until you are seriously good at understanding all the major concepts of production then spending hours on Sweetwater or Thomann is simply a waste of time, effort and your hard earned money. You need a DAW and headphones. And some kind of studio monitors. That is it kids. So go back to fantasising about your first pair of KRK Rokit 5s and your first Instagram post with them. 


But in my closing thoughts about this subject of producers wondering aimlessly about tech and their studio kit list egos I want you to remember this...


80 percent of recorded music is listened through cheap nasty headphones that come free with mobile phones.


19 percent of recorded music is listened to through laptops and shit car speakers with the window opened for that 1 annoying mate that smokes. 


About 1 percent of music (maybe less) is listened to by people through high quality audio systems in acoustically controlled conditions. And lets be honest,  should someone have a set up like this chances are they are going to pick apart your track down to phase issues amongst your hi hats and vocalist so they themselves can feel justified and feel like they are "smart" about music because they have simply purchased a speaker set up worth 3 months of their wages. Truth be told they are not going to be buying your merchandise or be rushing out to buy any tickets to see your live show anyway so that 1%... Fuck em! 


Moral of the story is stop stressing about audio quality. Burn a MP3. Play it to your mates. Have fun. 






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