Don't Be Blind. All Generosity is Equal.

October 11, 2017

On October 1st in Las Vegas 58 people where killed and 489 people were injured by a gunman who opened fire on the crowd at a local event. Following this absolutely tragic shooting incident several top DJ's made contributions to the Las Vegas Victims fund.




Diplo Donated $100,000 as per the tweet below and challenged other DJ's to do the same, I think I read somewhere that some other DJ's did similar but then Steve Aoki and Tiesto doubled it and gave what appeared to be a very generous $200,000. 


So lets take a little look at these "generous" donations and try and gauge actually how generous they are to the normal person.


Top DJ's in 2017 are pulling serious money. I mean serious money. Figures between $19.5 million (Martain Garrix) to a whopping $39 million (Tiesto/ Chainsmokers). Still at the top though is Calvin Harris who grabs a cheeky $48.5 million!!  - Forbes 2017


So, lets break this down. 


Apparently in 2014 Steve Aoki earned $24,000,000.


So doing the maths the $200,000 that he donated to the cause is actually only 0.87% of his annual income. So if we put that down into relative terms lets see how that looks for your average joe. 


In the USA the minimum wage is about $7.25, so full time that is about $15,000 a year. 


0.87% of $15,000 is $130.50


So you tell me, in relative terms? Is that a big donation from our superstar DJ? $130.50?


The best part on top of that is if we work it out on the original figure Diplo tweeted then based on our relative calculations he gave the charity $65.25. Thanks mate. 


Jokes aside to conclude I am not attacking these guys saying that donations like this are not important or valuable and of course to become a superstar DJ it takes decades of hard work and these guys continue to work very hard to keep at the top. Total respect to them. 


But please, remember everything is relative. It is so easy to be blinded by figures and numbers like this. No donation is to big, and no donation is too small for good causes. Don't think that your $10 does not make a difference because it does. 


Kindness is kindness weather it is a superstar DJ spending $200,000 or a waitress donating $20. Lets keep being awesome people and trying our best and help to the best we all can individually.


And always remember. Figures are always relevant to who is paying them.  


So thanks Steve, Diplo, and anyone else who ever does nice gestures like this. Your all awesome! 






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Don't Be Blind. All Generosity is Equal.

October 11, 2017

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