What time is band practice tonight?

November 27, 2016

Out of tune singers with more excuses than lyrics and equipped with their pockets full of lozenges for their once a week "sore throat" that just came on moments before practice.


Guitarists consistently fiddling with their amp settings and tweaking their vast array of cheap second hand effect pedals on a pedal board that resembles something like a 2097 Arcade Dance Machine.


Bass players who are always far too loud and are constantly slapping their 2 octave note riffs whilst looking deeply into the other band members eyes searching for the recognition that they contribute to the band's unique tone and sound. 


Shit small PA systems that can't even be heard over the continuous sound of the out of time drummer practicing his latest fill in between constantly tuning his drum kit despite not having a fucking clue what pitch is. 


Sound familiar?


Fucking practice rooms. 


Arguments, laughs, tears, jokes and the occasional cock out. 


We argue about everything inside these four walls. Timing, volume, equipment, individual practice, girlfriends, boyfriends, work and of course whose turn it is to pay and who owes who what. 


This traditional behaviour between aspiring musicians happens inside nearly all modern band practice rooms yet is the part that the whole world outside doesn't see. What goes on inside these rooms can make bands and it can break bands (and the occasional nose). 


It wouldn't be so bad but most practice rooms are far too expensive and have the acoustics of a monastery full of a thousand frowning monks. I mean come on, most of the time they don't even have ample space for each member to fully extend their lunge and at least imagine they are headlining their favourite festival.


But despite these constant struggles and continuous issues, we continue to battle onwards and grind through them together on a weekly basis. 


But why? 


The moment that the guitarists are finally in tune? 
The time that the singer can be heard? 
The excitement from the drummer nailing a new beat over that riff? 
The first time that you finish playing a track through its entirety together and each one of you quickly look up at your fellow band members with the smug expression of "I didn't fuck up"


It literally could be one of a trillion reasons but it only takes one of them which can fuel years of motivation, dreams, ambitions, friendships and of course it gives us a reason to book next week's practice. 


But in closing maybe it really is that simple moment of silence when you all walk out of a practice room together smiling and you are all thinking the same thing... 


We nailed it.


Well...this time. 





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