"With his giant sound and his fast-growing fan base worldwide, Conspiracy Industries is definitely an upcoming producer to keep an eye on"  


"Do you still actually believe that dubstep is dying? you obviously haven't heard of Conspiracy Industries."


"If you don't know about Conspiracy Industries then now is the time to get to know this upcoming producer"


Conspiracy Industries is the sound of British producer Adam Morris. Gaining his inspiration from the heavier side of bass music, Conspiracy Industries will hit you with a dark fusion of bass house, hybrid trap, and dubstep. Expect crazy sound design, heavy half times and no mercy as his music slaps you in the face. Relocating to Los Angeles permanently by the end of 2019, 2020 is set to be his biggest year yet.


"I am just a production geek who likes to travel and produce music. I don't like sticking to one sound and f**k genres, I am just having fun."

-Conspiracy Industries




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